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Jun 3, 2014

GiteBnB.Com is the best alternative to Owner Direct & Managed Vacation Rentals. Both Rental Clients and Property Owners/Operators receive the best deals and tools, support, tips and recommendations 24/7 to simply run their rentals and bookings efficiently. At GiteBnB.Com you are in full control over your rental properties, your bookings, availability, prices and how you communicate with your clients. You create direct bookings with your rental clients, no commission intermediates, just you as the property owner and your rental client. This ensures maximum income for the property owner and the lowest prices to the rental client.

What type of accommodation does GiteBnB.Com want to let out?
We are open for any kind of home or room you can share with us. Obviously we are specialized in Gites and BnB's Bed & Breakfasts but GiteBnB.Com makes it simple and secure for you to earn money and to reach travelers looking for unique places that they can stay. Accommodations like yours.
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GiteBnB Property Types:

Gite, BnB Bed & Breakfast, Tent Luxurious, Appartment, Cabin / Cottage, Bungalow, House, Villa, Penthouse, Terraced Home, Farm, Maisonette, Boat / Houseboat, Country House, Canal House, Studio, Village Home, Caravan, Guest House, Castle/Chateau, Holiday Home, Holiday Park, Chalet, Pipowagen