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Make money letting your property!

Become a host at GiteBnB.ComBecoming a host at GiteBnB.Com is easy and secure. You can list any kind of home or room that you want to share and host worldwide travelers. You set your prices, conditions, availability, and you communicate with guests directly.

GiteBnB  - Free and Lowest Fees!
List any kind of home or room today and start making money today. Your listing is free for a period of 30 days. You only start to pay a listing fee of 3% when you continue your 30 days free listings period. This is the lowest fee in the market place. Your listing is valid for an unlimited period of time and for an unlimited number of bookings.

Even when you own a property that can be let only partly you can make money letting a room, or rooms or complete house. When you own your property based on a mortgage you can earn the mortgage back by your letting services.

Add extra income when you are a pensioner.

When you own a property you build value through appreciation and rental income.

Tax benefits
Since owning vacation rentals is considered to be a business, there are significant tax advantages and you can write off most rental expenses. For example, owning vacation rental property allows you to deduct your mortgage interest the same way you would from your first home.

Dual-use of property
The main reason that drives real estate investors to own a vacation rental property is the fact that they can use it themselves. Being able to use and enjoy the property throughout the year or during the offseason is a great perk of investing in vacation homes as you’ll not only make money when Airbnb guests occupy the rental property but you’ll save money on your own vacations!

Finding guests is easy
Becoming a host at GiteBnB.Com is easy and secure. You will always be certain to receive bookings using this platform.